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Price Reduced!!!

9819 Olympia, Belleville

2 Bedroom w/ Basement

Price: $29,900

Try $800 Down and $375/Month


152 N 73rd St, Centreville

3 BR, 1.5 Bath w/ Basement & Garage

Price: $29,900

Try $900 Down and $350/Month

424 N. 81st St., East St. Louis


2 Bedroom, 1 Bath

Price: $5,900

Try $600 Down and $300/Month

0% Interest, Subject to all taxes


215 S. Long, Caseyville


Large Corner Lot,

Recently Rocked! 

Across from Police Department 

Price: $15,900

Try $500 Down and $300/Month

5701 Sate St., East St. Louis

Vacant Lot

Price: $14,900

Try $500 Down and $250/Month

922 Lynch, East St. Louis


2 Bedroom, 1 Bath

w/ Basement 


Price: $5,900

Try $400 Down and $400/Month

0% Interest, subject to all taxes

707 N. 18th, East St. Louis

        4 Bed, 2 Bath, Formerly a duplex

Price: $15,900

Try $600 Down and $300/Month

0% Interest, Subject to all taxes


1431/33 Walnut St., East St. Louis


Recent Fire, Selling for Land Value


Subject to all taxes (including backtaxes)

Price: $5,900

Try $500 Down and $500/Month

2722 Nameoki Rd., Granite City


Formerly a carwash in a high traffic area. Could possibly be made into many different things like: Car lot, repair shop, or storage lot.

Price: $79,000

Try $1,500 Down and $700/Month

 Created by Illinois Realty Group


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